Odesyo and DeCoSystem announce their technology partnership

Odesyo and DeCoSystem announce their technology partnership

This technology partnership allows the control of printing defects and the spectral measurement of the color, simultaneously and automatically, on the entire web width and on 100% of the production.
It is a world premiere.

The French company Odesyo and the Italian enterprise DeCoSystem have just signed a technology partnership to offer their customers an all-in-one configuration that integrates their two flagship products – Smijet® and Sentinel.
Through a single interface, this innovation is designed to simplify commissioning and centralize the flow of digital data, both inbound and outbound, via a single dashboard. It offers printers an efficient and comprehensive solution that meets the industry’s requirements for fast makeready and production quality. This is the first time that print defects and spectral color measurement can be automatically controlled over 100% of the production, at running speed, through a single configuration.

Dominique Martin, CEO of Odesyo, explains: “This unique solution meets the needs of our customers for faster and high-quality production in both small and large production runs, while reducing costs and waste.

The integrated solution from Odesyo and DeCoSystem is now commercially available.
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The two companies have also signed a distribution agreement appointing DeCoSystem as the exclusive distributor of the Smijet intelligent spectrophotometer for the label and packaging markets in Italy.

Dominique Tiziano announce technology partnership DeCoSystem et Odesyo technology partnership

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Odesyo unveils  for the first time the Smijet in-line print color control system

Odesyo unveils for the first time the Smijet in-line print color control system

LabelExpo 2019: Odesyo unveils its Smijet® in-line print color control system for digital, offset and flexo presses, a true concentrate of the newest printed color control technologies.

Thanks to the radical changes brought by Smijet, our team had to answer to hundreds of questions from printers and manufacturers in the color printing industries.

• How did you manage to get a color spectrum much wider than the one used by RGB cameras?

• How can the Human Eye intelligence really mimic the human visual perception?

• What is the max width and speed you can reach when performing a complete inspection of the whole web during color printing production?

• Is your machine able to predict relevant quality variations before they are created?

Most of our visitors were professionnal printers or manufacturers and they quickly understood why today’s controlling techniques were very limited and even becoming obsolete when compared to Smijet Human Eye system.


Odesyo exhibits at Label Expo 2019 from September 24 to 27

Odesyo exhibits at Label Expo 2019 from September 24 to 27

We invite you to meet Smijet at our booth 8B02. Smijet is a radical change of concept ! Significantly reducing printing waste, this innovative inline color-quality controller is a major step forward from the limited performance of conventional control systems, such as sampling or RGB cameras.
Integrated into the color printing production line, the Smijet® True Color automatic controller is fitted with an embedded AI and our patented multiband spectral sensor. It tracks and corrects in real time color consistency and print quality on 100% of the printed surface and 100% of production.
It prevents waste before it is created.
It avoids the costs of overquality.
A mere machine cannot do this!


Losing customers because of a missing nozzle?

Losing customers because of a missing nozzle?

Odesyo has met with many manufacturers and users of color inkjet printing to gain a better understanding of print quality control issues.

As such, the company has developed specific features that are now integrated into SmiJet, which:

  • Reduce the time spent when starting the printer by automating and securing the calibration of the print heads (density, registration, and stitching)
  • Avoid waste, and increase and secure production by controlling printing to detect missing nozzles and deflected jets. This control is performed over the entire printed web. Jet control is done directly on the print. It does not require the printing of control frames.
  • Reduce operating costs by delivering information for predictive maintenance. Optimize the print head lifespan.

Why is Smijet the solution to avoid missing nozzles?

  • Its sensor has a resolution of 2400 dpi. This is the minimum required for 1200 dpi printers.
  • Its detection method avoids the impression of restrictive control charts to eliminate during finishing.
  • Its artificial intelligence software anticipates defects before they appear

Now you have a new smart tool allowing you to automatically calibrate the colorimetry and the registration of your printing heads.

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