Smijet, a radical change in in-line print color control

Tracks in real time color consistency and print quality on 100% of your production

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Thanks to personalised demonstrations, you can now experience first-hand the efficiency of our intelligent spectrophotometer – Smijet.

Smijet is not a machine

Thanks to its embedded AI, the system spots problems early, avoiding waste. Keep your colors consistent and your customers happy

Easy to place inline with your digital, offset or flexo presses, Smijet is the only print color control solution that detects color variations on 100% of your production, at running speed

Color consistency: why you should add the in-line spectral scanner Smijet on your printing machines

  • Cost-effective and sustainable: reduces waste and prevents customer rejections
  • Better performance: significant reduction in set-up time and no more machine downtime
  • High quality production: automatic pointing of the concerned areas on the Smijet HD screen if the color variation exceeds your selected threshold
  • Accuracy: even the slightest color drift (ΔE≤1) and defect is detected directly within images and text in areas as small as 1 mm2. No more need for color control bars!
  • Color space (8 million hues of the CIELab) much wider than RGB cameras
  • Early detection of defects before they become visible (missing nozzles or deflected jets), even at 1200 dpi.

Will Smijet in-line print color control solution fit my needs ?

print color control soltion for digital, offset and flexo presses

For you, printers

Decrease waste definitively! Your customers love the consistency of your printed colors.

 in-line print color control for digital, offset and flexo presses

For you, end users

Smijet tracks the consistency of color reproduction on 100% of the surface, whatever the substrate..

For you, manufacturers

Access to new markets by fitting your printing machines with the «Human Eye» technology.

The only in-line print color control system fitted with an AI modelling human visual perception

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Losing customers because of a missing nozzle?

Odesyo met many manufacturers, printers and users of Inkjet printing machines and presses in order to better understand what is at stake when they wish a much better print quality control. Read the article

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Odesyo exhibits at Label Expo 2019 from September 24 to 27

We invite you to meet Smijet at our booth 8B02. Smijet is a radical change of concept ! Significantly reducing printing waste, this innovative inline color-quality controller is a major step forward from the limited performance of conventional control systems, such as...

Losing customers because of a missing nozzle?

Odesyo has met with many manufacturers and users of color inkjet printing to gain a better understanding of print quality control issues. As such, the company has developed specific features that are now integrated into SmiJet, which: Reduce the time spent when...