Odesyo has met with many manufacturers and users of color inkjet printing to gain a better understanding of print quality control issues.

As such, the company has developed specific features that are now integrated into SmiJet, which:

  • Reduce the time spent when starting the printer by automating and securing the calibration of the print heads (density, registration, and stitching)
  • Avoid waste, and increase and secure production by controlling printing to detect missing nozzles and deflected jets. This control is performed over the entire printed web. Jet control is done directly on the print. It does not require the printing of control frames.
  • Reduce operating costs by delivering information for predictive maintenance. Optimize the print head lifespan.

Why is Smijet the solution to avoid missing nozzles?

  • Its sensor has a resolution of 2400 dpi. This is the minimum required for 1200 dpi printers.
  • Its detection method avoids the impression of restrictive control charts to eliminate during finishing.
  • Its artificial intelligence software anticipates defects before they appear

Now you have a new smart tool allowing you to automatically calibrate the colorimetry and the registration of your printing heads.

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