Industry: brand color consistency

Color chart compliance regardless of the media (fabric, paper, vinyl, etc.)

Color consistency and brand continuity are strongly linked. Smijet is the sole AI-based solution ensuring compliance with your brands color codes.

Can you imagine two products of the same brand in a presentation rack that have different colors or renderings?

Smijet True Color is an in-line smart controller used for packaging color consistency control.

sSmijet knows that brand color consistency shows the strength of your company !

Packaging is an important part of product marketing. Brand’s colors must be consistent across different customer touch points. If not, it may suggest a low level of quality and cause less brand loyalty. Smijet True Color is an AI-based in-line controller used by digital and traditional print industries for print or packaging color consistency control. This very flexible solution reduces printing costs and waste in industries as diverse as textiles, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, furniture, etc.

Delivering consistent brand color on any substrate.

Compliance with your color chart is a capital issue. Industries spend millions on their brands, logos, color references and packaging designs. Maintaining a consistent brand is critical for all of them. The graphics chart of your brand and the colorimetry must be respected. And what happens on a rerun?

Your colors will be consistent from one production to another, whatever the media.

Smijet ensures in real time compliance with your color chart (brand and packaging colors) on the entire production. When used in packaging color consistency control, your colors are respected regardless of the printing media: paper, textiles, plastics, vinyls, etc. Smijet installed on your manufacturing and printing lines detects color differences perceptible to the human eye (ΔE measurement) and this on any substrate and even after years !


When production starts, SmiJet auto-calibration process takes only a few seconds.


During production, detection, analysis, and correction of deviations are carried out in real time thanks to the embedded neural networks (IA and deep learning).


Smijet neutralizes the defects visible to the human eye by anticipating them through the sensitivity of its “Human eye” AI based detection technology.

Smijet True Color is an AI-based in-line smart controller used by digital and traditional print industries for packaging color consistency control.

Printing on textiles or ceramics:

Guarantee the resistance of patterns and colors for years!

Digital printing technology is increasingly used for customizing textiles. However, the chemical and mechanical industrial process for producing finished products is very complex. For example, in the case of textiles, printing during the first stages of manufacture is likely to be modified by the subsequent processing steps. Similarly, in the case of ceramic tiles, the colors of earthenware batches produced from one year to another must be compliant.

Smijet respond to this particular issue. Both model these transformations to intervene during calibration of the digital printing systems and control the quality of the color and patterns at each stage of product finishing.

With Smijet, 2 objects manufactured at different times, even a long time apart, will have the same color.


Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and packaging color consistency control by Smijet smart in-line controller.

Pharmaceutical products:

When color control is not always made on flat surfaces!

In the biotechnology industry, a visual assessment is the most commonly used method for color characterization, batch release, and stability testing. Smijet Color and Smijet True Color are compact contactless scanners. They can be easily placed at a few millimeters of rotating products. Now you have a new smart tool allowing you to automatically calibrate the colorimetry and the registration of your printing heads.

Added to this, Smijet also insures a print quality control during 100% of the production. It may trigger alarms or other signals such as ejecting a product or stopping the whole production if needed. You define yourself the severity and criteria of the alarms.

Odesyo +

Odesyo may also supports you in colorimetric expertise by offering a range of software that models and quantifies offset color profiles and by providing training on these topics

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