Discover the Smijet in-line spectro

Easy to implement cost-effective automated print color control system

Color control of 100% of the surface at production speeds

Control the color consistency and detect defects in offset, digital and flexo printouts, during production.

Because Smijet is an “all-in-one-box” AI-based automated color shift detection solution, you will also understand where the defect comes from when it occurs. This allows you to correct it BEFORE it occurs.

In-line with your press, Smijet is a brand new AI-based print color control system

Print quality and consistency are key issues for you because it can lead to productivity losses and financial losses through waste and customer material waste. Companies have specific graphics for their brands. Visuals printed on products, packaging, and documents are marketing elements that contribute to their notoriety. Colors must be identical on all these supports. Placed in-line with your press, Smijet Color Controller performs color management across packaging & print supply chain. It controls the entire production to track any difference between the reference model and the printed medium.

Smijet is an automated print color control system based on artificial intelligence. It contrasts with conventionnal solutions:

  • Inspection of 100% of the web without forgetting any zone.
  • Integration of the patented Human-Eye technology developed by Odesyo. With it, Smijet models a human user of the printed product. No more extra cost due to overquality.
  • Diagnostic assistance by predicting the appearance of defects.
  • Help in programming predictive maintenance operations.

Smijet Color Controller

Real time color calibration and control for inkjet color printers.

Monitoring 100% of a continuous web

The Smijet Color Control Solution consists of a patented compact multi-spectral color scanner, a real-time processing unit, a human-machine user-friendly interface, and various application functionalities.
The Smijet in-line spectro provides the following functions:

  • Color calibration and registration
  • Detection of missing nozzles and deflected jets
  • Production analysis and predictive maintenance

Controlling 100% of the printed surface!

Measuring with an accuracy of <1ΔE, in real time and continuously on 100% of the printed surface!

Smijet is the only in-line automated system measuring in real time the absolute color variations while you print and this with an accuracy of less than 1 Delta E (<1ΔE) on 100% of the printed surface.

Smijet features:

  • Control color consistency with respect to a registered original or previous validated production, recorded in Smijet
  • Implement measurement and spectrophotometric control
  • Colorimetrical calibration.

More precise initial calibration in seconds instead of minutes: far less waste of time & paper.

During the start-up phase of a printing system, adjustment operations to calibrate and register the colors are necessary. They are long, intricate, and tedious. Our brand new AI-based Smijet print color control system, uses new methods of self-learning by Artificial Intelligence. It greatly facilitates the settings and configurations for digital and classic printing.

This fast operation without sampling is also without waste. The printing system is ready to be launched in less than a minute and with controlled colorimetry. SmiJet automatically calibrates the density and color registration in minutes.

Placed in-line with your digital or offset press, Smijet is a new AI-based print color control system

Human Eye® neural networks

The AI of Smijet behaves like a human expert, but much faster.

Thanks to “Human-Eye” technology (Odesyo international patents), Smijet models the human eye perception, measures the colors through the wide L*a*b* color space and guarantees the absence of any color shift perceptible by the eye of a human expert. Click here to know a bit more about the comparison between a standard ICC profile and a neural network solution.

Analyze, detect, understand, predict, neutralize, learn, and memorize: is it really a simple machine?

Why Smijet is fitted with neural networks?

Its Human Eye AI-based technology perfectly models the human visual perception. This avoids to discard printing with defects undetectable by the human eye. Say “bye bye” to overquality costs.

Memorization, anticipation, and neutralization of defects by quasi-human artificial intelligence. Thanks to its neural networks (IA) and the possibility of ultra-fast self-learning (deep learning), Smijet calibrates in a few seconds, instead of minutes. During production, Smijet predicts and neutralizes the defects before they are detectable by the human eye.

Smijet main features:

  • Fitted with a touch screen and a user-friendly interface
  • Patented wide-spectrum sensor with self calibration
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence
  • Speed: up to 120 m / min
  • Resolution: up to 2400 dpi
  • Power supply: 220 VAC
  • Measurement accuracy: ΔE≤1
  • Inspection surface: 1 mm2


  • Distance with print media: 10 mm
  • Temperature regulation
  • Digitalization: 16 bits
  • ICC profile
  • Scan width: pluggable modules of 340 mm each
  • Memorization of previous color printout spectrometric profiles
  • Correction signals sent to local RIP
  • Size in mm: L405 x H350 x P200

Smijet specific features

Our Smijet in-line spectro is compatible with all printing processes across packaging & print supply chain. It takes continuous in-line measurements and converts them into the 8 million hues of CIELab space.

  • Fitted with our patented multiband spectral sensor, (full-spectrum)
  • Color measurement accuracy: ΔE≤1 within the L*a*b*color space.
  • ICC profiles integration.
  • Previous printings profiles memorization.
  • Real-time correction data sent to the local (or distant) RIP.
  • D50 illuminants (ISO 3664 – ISO 3668 standards).

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