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AI-based color management: the key to keeping color quality & consistency.

Integrating Human Eye technology attracts and retains your customers

Control and anticipate corrections inline during color inspection for label printing or any offset, flexo and digital printing process.

AI-based automatic color inspection system for label and narrow web printing

Be visionary and pragmatic and integrate in your machines an intelligent printing calibration and quality control unit, which is also a predictive maintenance aid.

Your customers print documents, labels, and packaging. They have very high demands of the quality of the work from your presses. Integrating the Smijet “Human Eye” Intelligence into your machine facilitates the calibration process by making it simple and automatic. And that’s not all…

We propose to add more value to your equipment by securing your customers’ production and optimizing the manufacturing process.

With our AI-based automatic color inspection system for traditional press or label and narrow web digital printing, you can check in real time any color differences. Continuously measuring the ΔE allows for detection of printing defects on 100% of the web, 100% of the time and on 100% of the production. The Smijet solution manages databases and provides you with dashboards for monitoring your machinery.

Imagine issuing brand new high-speed inkjet presses or offset presses with an integrated color management system driven by an Artificial Intelligence ?

Your customers like your printing machines? Good!

Integrating a Smijet in your machines will bring them new attractive features:

  • Facilitates and automates the calibration of your offset press or digital printing machine.
  • Secures manufacturing by 100% quality control of the production on the entire printed surface.
  • Validates ICC profiles in real time
  • Detects and anticipates missing nozzles
  • Optimizes the availability and monitoring of your machinery by providing a predictive maintenance tool.

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Whether you are a manufacturer of printing machines for flat products, cylindrical objects or other applications such as color inspection for label printing, our R&D department is at your disposal to discuss with your teams integrating Smijet in your equipment.

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