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The brand new in-line color management in print and packaging

Smijet on a print line helps you ensure color management in print and packaging and thus eliminates waste.

What are its advantages over other colorimetric control equipment?

Machine showing our color management solution in print & packaging

Printing processes, ink types and variety of substrates affect color consistency over time.

With its patented multi-spectral sensors, Smijet helps you to:

  • Achieve absolute print color consistency (100% web color control)
  • Significantly reduce waste by real-time control of defects and colors
  • Eliminate the costs of overquality
  • Save time: no more manual sampling during production.
  • Early detection of missing nozzle before becoming visible to a human eye
  • Significantly reduce color make-ready and setup time.

This “all-in-one box” color expert provides affordable in-line spectral color measurement and help you achieve automated print color consistency. In addition, the behavior of its AI-based Human Eye technology is not “binary” like that of the current print control machines: •Settings too permissive —> dissatisfied customers  •Settings too constrained —> too much waste.

Digital inkjet printing missing nozzle automated detection

Printing technologies are evolving

and your customers’ requirements are important. In other words, compliance with the colorimetry and printing quality are both crucial. Now, how do we help ?

  • Label, package, or document printers: Smijet helps you calibrate your equipment.
  • They ensure consistent quality on 100% of your production.
  • They is a missing nozzle early detection system (before it becomes visible).
  • Smijet will also help automate your ink key control !

Among the new contributions of Smijet, the 3 that seem most appreciated by our customers in the printing industry are:


Its ability to detect the slightest color variation immediately in the production line and on a wider color space than RGB cameras. More colors are monitored with efficiency and precision: the 8 millions of hues within the L*a*b color space.


Its behavior is close to that of a human expert, i.e. its ability to correctly anticipate whether a defect will be detectable or not. This avoids the costs associated with the “binary” nature of the current control machines.


In-line with your color printing press, Smijet® tracks and corrects in real time color consistency and print quality on 100% of the printed surface and 100% of production.

Smijet can perform an automatic calibration of the color press in conformity with the CMJN ISO 12647-2 standard

Automated color management in print & packaging (offset, flexo, Pantone, CMYK)

Thanks to Smijet®, it is now possible to have an automatic setup of the color RIP or CTP in conformity with this standard. We make the automated continuous monitoring of the following parameters:

  • Correlation between the offset press printing units
  • Dot gain control
  • screen, angle and dots shape
  • maximum ink coverage,
  • paper color and brightness
  • color and brightness of inks, etc.

Therefore, color conformity (and color consistency through time) is automatically and continuously managed on 100% of the printed surface and 100% of your production. With Smijet, it is now easy to ensure that brand colors are consistent irrespective of the printing process.

Odesyo +

Odesyo also offers you colorimetric expertise in its range of software that models and quantifies offset color profiles, and provides training on these topics.

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