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Designers of automated color control systems for traditionnal and digital presses

Dominique Martin & Philippe Copin, co-founders

Odesyo develops and markets solutions for color control in industrial printing.

In France and abroad, Odesyo offers a range of products, software and services developed for users of traditional and digital color printing systems as well as manufacturers of offset presses and digital printing machines. This range is suitable for both colorimetric control for label printing and industrial colorimetric verification (food, automotive, furniture, ceramics, etc.).

Founded by experts in printing colorimetry for more than 30 years, Odesyo masters the fields of optics, image processing, real-time electronics and offset and digital printing. We control the entire design and manufacturing process of our products:

  • Design and development of real-time circuit cards using FPGAs
  • Development of embedded image analysis and processing software
  • Creation of an artificial intelligence dedicated to color printing on all supports
  • Industrialization and manufacturing of products
  • Creation of the user interfaces and business application software.
  • Development of monitoring, production analysis and predictive maintenance solutions.
  • Installation and technical support for our customers.

Odesyo is a member of the French National Union of Adhesive Label Manufacturers (UNFEA), a professional association of adhesive label manufacturers and their suppliers since 1970.

Why Odesyo launched its new advanced color control soution for offset and digital presses

Every year around the world, waste generated by inefficient print color control costs the printing industry $9 billion.

According to printing specialists around the world, what causes the largest losses is the following:

  • Customer disagreements over color.
  • Printing defects
  • Colors inconsistency when changing substrates or media.
  • Missing nozzle or diverted jets (in the case of inkjet printing)

After working alongside operators and manufacturers of offset and digital printing machines for many years, Odesyo now proposes a unique offer of automatic print color control. This solution is totally different from the existing ones.
No more need for color control bars: the measurement is made on the print itself during production!

Odesyo solutions measure true colors in the CIE L*a*b space (8 million shades) inaccessible to RGB cameras.
From the design stage, our offer is in line with “industry 4.0”. Our products are OPC UA certified.

Our intelligent spectrophotometer continuously detects the slightest color drift on 100% of the production.

It also detects missing or deflected jets on digital printing.

A double positive impact: economic and environmental!

Our innovative solutions perform an automatic print color control directly on manufacturing machines. They guarantee, in real time, the quality of the printing and the color rendering. By changing the fundamental paradigms of automatic print color control (in offset or digital printing), we considerably reduce rejects ( unhappy customers) and waste due to over-quality. 

As a result, the Smijet system has a double effect:

  • Economic effect: it secures and reduces your manufacturing costs.
  • Environmental effect: it also reduces the impact on the environment.


Odesyo is paving the way for the next generation of color printing machines. Whether you are a recent graduate or looking to learn skills on the job, start your career at one of the world’s future leading printed color control companies. If you have proven experience in the field of color printing, speak English fluently, and appreciate the innovation and atmosphere of a close-knit, future-oriented team, please send us your resume.

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