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Every year around the world, waste generated by inefficient color control costs the printing industry $9 billion.

Double positive impact: economical and ecological

Why Odesyo launched its new advanced color control soution for offset and digital presses

Focussed on project managers, operators, and machine manufacturers in the printing and control market, Odesyo’s global solution guarantees, in real time and on production lines, high-quality printing and color rendering. We dramatically reduce waste (printing waste) expenses caused by overquality. To this end, we created Smijet, the first “all-in-a-box” advanced offset and digital press automated color control system.

According to printing specialists in the world, the following causes the most losses:

  • Customer disagreements on colors
  • True colors not consistent between different media
  • Printing defects
  • Missing nozzles or deviated jets (inkjet printing).

Previously, there was no solution to control these elements exhaustively. Odesyo is the only company that offers a solution to control color deviations and missing nozzles on 100% of the production, 100% of the surface, 100% of the time, at production speeds.

  • No need for control markers, Smijet works directly in-line while printing!
  • Odesyo solutions perform true color measurements in the CIE L*a*b space (8 million hues), which is not possible with RGB sensors such as color cameras.
  • From the starting design, our solution comes under “Industry 4.0”. Our products are OPC UA certified.

Our global Smijet solution secures and reduces your manufacturing costs

Designers of automated color control systems for traditionnal and digital presses

Dominique Martin & Philippe Copin, cofounders of Odesyo, july 2019

Company profile

Founded by experts in colorimetry with over 30 years of experience in optics, image processing, real-time electronics, and digital printing, Odesyo develops, manufactures, and markets solutions for the quality control of industrial color printing.

Odesyo masters the entire process from designing to manufacturing its products:

  • Design and development of real-time electronic cards using FPGAs
  • Development of embedded software for analysis and image processing
  • Development of artificial intelligence specialized in color printing on all media
  • Development of operator interfaces and application software
  • Industrialization and manufacturing of products
  • Development of monitoring solutions, production analysis, and predictive maintenance
  • Installation and technical support for its customers

Odesyo offers, in France and abroad, an entire range of products, software, and services developed for users of traditional and digital color printing systems, as well as for printing machine manufacturers.

Our global offset and digital press automated color control solutions secure and reduce your manufacturing costs. They also reduce the impact on the environment.


Odesyo is paving the way for the next generation of color printing machines. Whether you are a recent graduate or looking to learn skills on the job, start your career at one of the world’s future leading printed color control companies. If you have proven experience in the field of color printing, speak English fluently, and appreciate the innovation and atmosphere of a close-knit, future-oriented team, please send us your resume.

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