LabelExpo 2019: Odesyo unveils its Smijet® in-line print color control system for digital, offset and flexo presses, a true concentrate of the newest printed color control technologies.

Thanks to the radical changes brought by Smijet, our team had to answer to hundreds of questions from printers and manufacturers in the color printing industries.

• How did you manage to get a color spectrum much wider than the one used by RGB cameras?

• How can the Human Eye intelligence really mimic the human visual perception?

• What is the max width and speed you can reach when performing a complete inspection of the whole web during color printing production?

• Is your machine able to predict relevant quality variations before they are created?

Most of our visitors were professionnal printers or manufacturers and they quickly understood why today’s controlling techniques were very limited and even becoming obsolete when compared to Smijet Human Eye system.