Smijet and the other industrial applications

Tracking color consistency on all material

Pastries, cosmetic creams and other applications where tracking color consistency is essential

The color of your products is often indicative of important things.

Smijet for tracking color consistency when manufacturing pastries

Smijet controls the color of your products

Even when there is no color printing, we sometimes need very strict tracking of color and its consistency in the food, automotive, furniture, or cosmetics industry, etc… See also here for exemples in brand colors consistency throughout industry

For example, a change in the color of baked cookies indicates a potential variation in oven temperature. Colorimetry is also used to determine the status of a stem cell in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, an accurate and permanent inline check is required. Of course, these examples are not limiting: color control and tracking color consistency are critical in automotive, furniture, appliance, cosmetics and housewares, too.

Smijet is suitable for any moving production line. It is easily set up on production lines and delivers a real-time color measurement. Then, our AI-based color control solution detects any variation and transmits correction information to control the process and trigger alarms. Its embedded neural networks allow for quick set-up and adaptive learning. All useful information is recorded in dashboards.

Smijet AI-based Color Controller helps you track the color consistency in automotive parts

Automotive industry:

Vehicle customization is a major business asset

Digital printing technologies make it possible to customize plastics, metal, and textiles. Whatever the application and medium, it is essential to check color compliance and printing quality and to track color consistency.

SmiJet system lets you juxtapose different materials without ever sacrificing color consistency. Rendering remains consistent, whatever the medium.

Furnishings, textiles and construction materials:

Customization on demand and tracking of color consistency over time.

Digital printing allows total personalization of the decorative elements. Thanks to this, it offers great creative possibilities and the production of small series (without stock) whether you work with vinyl siding, laminate flooring, stucco, carpeting, ceramic tiles, rooftop shingles or wood cabinetry. Utilizing conveniences of digital colour communication (i.e., throughout the various stages of the supply chain in the textile industry) is an attractive route to increasing the product quality, shortening production times and reducing costs.

Smijet detects and anticipates any discrepancies from the original specifications and ensure that two items that are produced on different dates have the same color.


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The patented Smijet full-spectrum sensor is the only system that can be set up on a moving production line and perform an absolute color measurement with an accuracy of less than 1 Delta E (<1ΔE), in real time and on all the surface produced.

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Color consistency requirements and online corrections are infinite. Come and talk to us about your needs!
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