Watch the video of the new CODIMAG – ODESYO installation !

After several years of collaboration, explore CODIMAG’s Viva 340 equipped with Odesyo’s Smijet inline spectral system for full-width color control in real time!

Automation of color control is now a must for a cost-effective printing process, especially with the rising costs of raw materials, energy and recycling.

The integration of Smijet on the printing machine addresses this problem: our patented multi-spectral sensor provides real-time control of the slightest colorimetric drift in the CIE L*a*b* color space, over the entire web width and over 100% of the production. With an accuracy of 1ΔE, our intelligent spectrophotometer can analyze directly in image and text areas up to 1 mm².

Thanks to their complementary features, Smijet® is now combined with Aniflo technology to optimize the manufacturing process and increase profitability. Not only will you have stable, predictable and repeatable inking, but also continuous deltaE measurement throughout the production process.

The customers are thus fully secured!

The integration of Smijet® on machine helps to:

  • Reduce costs (ink, paper, energy) as well as waste and optimize makeready times, while ensuring impeccable quality.
  • Guarantee color consistency over time and facilitate reprints.
  • Guarantee the maintenance of the highest level of quality, even in periods of intense activity, and regardless of the skill level of the operators.

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