A cost-effective and sustainable way

to achieve print color consistency control, wherever color management is crucial
Smijet print color consistency control: compaing RGB and Lab gamuts

Odesyo introduces the newest generation of AI based print color consistency control solution for today’s digital, packaging, label, and commercial print industries.

Smijet is also fitted with a multi-spectral patented sensor and deep-learning capabilities. This is a giant step forward from the limited performance of conventional control systems, such as sampling or RGB cameras. Offset, flexo, digital printing presses manufacturers and users, go now for a drastic enhancement of quality and reduction of waste!


Customer confidence and loyalty through quality



Ensure the consistency of your color chart whatever the media.


Printing machines manufacturers

Printing, the “Human eye” technology, and you.


Other applications in industry

Outside from the printing world, the need to control colors can be crucial


The wide variety of printing processes, inks, and substrates have created a big challenge to achieve color consistency.

  • From offset, flexo, gravure to digital printing, different types of inks are used.
  • Paperboard, fabrics and corrugated cardboard are more absorbent than vinyle and this affects the way color reacts.
  • Etc.

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